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Hatsusakura Junmai "First Love"

bright, unique, apples.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this new and exciting brew is a bright collection of cherries, oranges, apples, pumpernickel bread. Have you ever wondered if a sake can taste like apples? Are you an apple connoisseur? Great texture and great depth. There's a little glucose, with a nice bright acidity play. Light and slippery, but also silky. Notice the layers of flavors such as apple sauce, apple juice, green Jolly Rancher, orange peel, limoncello sorbet, caramel apple, and lemon tart on a layered and silky flow. How can only rice and water taste like this? A very bright and unique flavor profile that has found a slot on our True Sake shelves. There's nothing quite like this. If you are an apple fanatic, then this is the brew for you. WORD: Apple WINE: a Flora Springs Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc from 2014 BEER: Apple ciders FOOD: Bacon, porkchops, a pan seared steak, roasted chicken from Zuni Cafe, a big hearty California salad, all kinds of nuts. -Chris