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Zaku Ho no Tomo Junmai "The Artisan"

tangerine, elegant, quick.
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Size: 750ml
The nose on this very popular Japanese sake is a gentle collection of mineral water, pear, vanilla, citrus, and stone fruit aromas.  This is a “craft” sake that reminds you that all sake is craft sake, but some are just more crafty! We call this a “built” brew as you can really taste and feel the brewer’s technique in each sip. Smooth, round, juicy, slippery, fresh, with a quick finish. Zaku plays with a gentle sweetness of fruit tones, but has an overall dryness with lots of umami hints. Look for tangerine, ripe apple, vanilla, pear, sweet tea, Asian pear, ocean water, lemon, and steamed rice flavors on an elegant and slippery flow that is silent but very vocal. The great thing about this Zaku is the fact that it can be considered Sake 101 for new drinkers, and Sake Master Class for professionals. WORD: Craft WINE: Soft Reds/Deep Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Anything from the ocean!