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Zaku Junmai Daiginjo "Kaizan Ittekisui"

lychee, silky, elegant.
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Size: 750ml
The nose on this luxurious sake is an exceptional collection of mango, strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, powdered sugar, and lilly aromas. Stop the presses! This is one of those sakes that every serious sake drinker at some point must try. Dare we say it has Juyondai similarities in weight, viscosity, and glucose of this brew? Smooth, juicy, velvety, and round there is a very inquisitive fleshy component that is balanced out perfectly by an uptick acidity that lifts the flavors. Look for a vast array of flavors from pear, apple, and strawberry to mango, papaya, watermelon, rock sugar with a sneaky mint and umami play and a quick mineral finish. This is professional sake! A superb gifting sake that you should probably gift to yourself! Thank you Zaku! WORD: Luxurious WINE: Smooth Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Fruity Belgians FOODS: Champagne fare, lobster, foie gras, crab, ankimo, sushi, and sashimi.