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“Ask Beau” – “Do you drink champagne for New Years Eve?”

Ask Beau December 2014 A

Hey “Wine Drinker From Philly” thanks for the question. I get this a lot during this time of year and my answer is always of course. Don’t get me wrong I like Champagne! Well let me rephrase that – I like good Champagne and will not drink rubbish because I feel terrible the next day! That’s one of the reasons why sparkling sake is appealing and as crude as this may sound I just feel better on January 1st if I drink sparkling sake over bad sparkling wine.

So headaches aside, sparkling sake is actually very tasty and we have all types from dry and crisp to fat and chewy with big bubbles. The flavor profiles can vary so much and they are all refreshing and bright. And if you use a sparkling wine flute you will get just as many bubbles as you do with Champagne. The only problem is that all but one of our sparkling sakes are in 300ml bottles and this is an issue if you have lots of people.

Currently we have over 10 different sparkling sakes to choose from and these include some sparkling nigori sakes. If you have not tried a sparkling sake yet, perhaps this season is the reason for you to take a chance. They also make great gifts! And if you are going to a house party bring two or three different bottles and watch how eyes start to open and how you become the life of the party!

Get your bubbles on!

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