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The Beau-Zone Layer – Bishonen “Beautiful Boy”

The Beau-Zone Layer – Bishonen “Beautiful Boy”
From Hiroshima Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.7

Beau Zone November 2014


It’s fall and it’s the foodie season and everything is all gravy! Well not everything, but gravy will be in your near future. So too will fall veggies and that is why I selected Bishonen as my Beau-Zone brew. This sake has transformed over the years from really cool and super value to chapter 11 and out of business! No kidding! Then a ramen king bought the distressed brewery and re-launched the formerly cool looking label into a piece of crap! Then they changed it again for the worse thereafter – Huh? Yes! But you’re not drinking a label, you are drinking a very rich and full-bodied Junmai Ginjo that is viscous and very veggie friendly. It is a feel good brew that covers the palate in rich tones with a solid acidity that stands up to big food pairings like Turkey! Gravy! And all of those wonderful Fall veggies!

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