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Ask Beau – “Are you hosting any events soon?”

We get this question quite often, and the simple answer is that we can always do events! On occasion we will do store tasting events, but what we enjoy more is coming to your house or business to do amazingly fun and informative sake exploration and fascination events. That’s right! And we call this True Sake Live!

Ask Beau May 2015a

Think about it! Why do another boring wine and cheese mixer? How about a cheese and sake throw down? Your office “get-togethers” have been sort of on the yawn side! Why not host a Sake 101 where you learn about sake while tasting some excellent brews? One of our favorite styles of events is what we call the Sake Bar! This is where we man or woman a sake station and pour three or four sakes and have micro-conversations with the guests! They can grab a sake or two and be on their way or they can linger around and speak to our professionals who love to speak the gospel of sake.

Why not challenge True Sake Live and have us come and blow away your next wine tasting event! We have several Sake Challenge Stations for the 101’ers or some very intensive and challenging tastings for the pure sake geeks! We are here for you, and honestly we rock events! The bottom line is that we will always have events in our store line up, and we will have a ton of events at the new bar! But why wait for us? Think up your own excuse to have a True Sake Live event! Corporate, birthday, food pairing, special location, cooking events all have one thing in common – sake makes them better! So use us! Use the best in the business to make your special occasion even more special! True Sake Live is an exciting, informative and highly entertaining way to socialize and promote team spirit! Give us a try!

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