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“Ask Beau” – “What’s in store for future Sake Days?”

This is a great question from Yoshi A. from LA!

Man, have we been working really really hard on this Tenth Anniverary Sake Day! So much so I can’t even see past Saturday October 3rd. But if I had to predict the future of Sake Day I would say that we would continue to try to grow the event along the lines of Oktoberfest. I think more sake participants make for more sake awareness! The more awareness the more mainstream sake will become!

Okay! Here’s our selling point. Well-built sakes can last a pretty long time in your fridge after you open them. We have done countless tests proving this fact. They do not go grotty immediately like wine, which has been “saved” by sulfites. Sakes do oxidize, but the net effect is that instead of going to vinegar they actually get softer, rounder, fuller, and perhaps sweeter in most instances. Although you don’t “air” sakes like wine breathing, I find that some sakes taste better the second or third day. They get rounder and relax a bit giving them an overall gentler feeling.

Sake Day is a first that needs to evolve as any large-scale event evolves. But we need to be true to our cause – the JCCCNC – and our mission – “the betterment of sake.” So keeping these in mind maybe we could create a two-day event of considerable size, that would allow more brewers and makers come to SF and showcase their efforts.

We also promise to really focus on the craft sake market! At least 4 local US makers backed out at the last second because they felt ill prepared! But they vowed to participate next year, and I feel that we can have the largest Craft Sake tasting in America at Sake Day 2016!

Thank you for your support of Sake Day – we look forward to making this not only the first “International Sake Day” and “World Sake Day” event outside of Japan, but the best sake tasting event at any time of the year!

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