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New Store Arrivals – Fall Draft Hiyaoroshi Sakes 2015! (The Most Ever!)

New Store Arrivals October 2015a

Otokoyama Hiyaoroshi ‘15
From Hokkaido Prefecture. Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai Namazume. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.7
Sake brewers in Japan make a special sake in the spring and release it in the fall to pair well with the wonderful autumn flavors in Japan. These sakes are called Hiyaoroshi and this particular version is very unique because it is “pole rammed” or uses the “Kimoto” method to produce it! The nose on this single pasteurized “draft” sake has hints of steamed rice, wet wood rice paddle, and actually smells like a sake brewery in the early morning. Say hello to a dry and clean sake that explores all the corners of a brew that is crisp, tight, and compact. It is a very quick through the palate sake that speaks to red wine drinkers who like a lot of tannins in their juice. Look for hints of dried rice, chestnuts, cedar, wheat and rice krispy flavors on a fluid that expands as it warms. Not only dry, but this brew is slick like wet water and feels layered in the palate like a martini. WORD: Dry WINE: Crisp reds/ tight whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Autumn Flavors! PRICE: $32/720

Wakatake “Aki No Ki-Ippon” Hiyaoroshi ‘15
From Shizuoka Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.5
The nose on this fall released season single pasteurized sake has a gentle collection of steamed rice, crushed leaves, balsa wood, and grain tones. Hello! The Wakatake “Hiyaoroshi” 2015 is drinking great! In year’s past this brew tended to be very dry and very thin, but this year’s version has a new smoothness to complement its gentle dryness. It’s as if the fluid has more fluid to it, more juicy, more round, more layers, and more more! There are hints of white peach, green grapes and very subtle vein of banana and the brew drinks far more fluffy as it comes to room temp. A mid-sized glass brings forth more feeling and flavor! Rich, smooth, silky and round with a tempting dryness that begs for food pairings! WORD: Smooth WINE: Pinot Noir/White Burgundy BEER: Round ales FOODS: Fresh fall cuisines! PRICE: $31/720ml

Ohyama Hiyaoroshi ’15
From Yamagata Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai Namazume. SMV: +2.5 Acidity: 1.5 Say hello to our first time Fall Draft from Ohyama! Hello! And we are very pleased to have this special brew as part of the fall single pasteurized sake selections called Hiyaoroshi! It has a gentle nose of blueberry, grape and powdered sugar aromas. This draft is a little different than the other fall releases in that it is more on the fruity side with big bright fruit tones on a fun and lively fluid. There is a certain rich crispness that speaks to big white wine drinkers who like good acidity and good mouth feel that borders on zesty! There are mild tropical fruit elements and the overall feeling is enhanced when consumed out of a large white wine glass. Oyhama has some fruity brews in their line-up and me thinks this could be a single pasteurized version of one of those. It drinks fresh and more nama nama like then the other offerings and this makes it more shell fish, seafood and white meat friendly. WORD: Juicy WINE: Zesty reds/Frisky whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: See above! PRICE: $36/720ml

New Store Arrivals October 2015b

Urakasumi Hiyaoroshi ‘15
From Miyagi Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai Nama Sake. SMV: 1.5 Acidity: 1.5
And yes! This Fall “Draft” sake has been coming every year for the past 8 years! Why? Because each and every year it is excellent and very consistent. The nose on this single pasteurized sake is a soft collection of brown sugar, honey, and maple syrup aromas. Think Rich! And yet again the rich and full-bodied draft sake has arrived and it’s true to form. As in years past this season’s brew is thick and viscous, chewy if you will, with hints of honey, nougat, and crème brulle flavors. There is a very unique vein of maple syrup that comes forth at room temp and it drinks more flavorful in a smaller cup. Rich and creamy this sake speaks to big red wine drinkers who like a story in each sip! WORD: Rich WINE: Zins/Large Whites BEER: Belgians of note FOODS: Fall flavors and cuisines that warm the soul PRICE: $36/720ml

Denshin “Aki” Hiyaoroshi ‘15
From Fukui Prefecture, Junmai Nama Genshu. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.8
This single pasteurized sake was made for Autumn food flavors and has a splendid nose filled with berry, melon, peach and ripe fruit tones. Wow! What a large “fluid” sake that is vast, very expressive, fleshy, and complex. Fat, chewy, and viscous this brew has loads of fruit tones but by no means drinks bright and fruity like a spring released nama. There are mild fruit tones that boarder more on rich so look for banana flambé, peach cobbler, and creamy elements, especially as the fluid warms. This year’s version has far more control and balance than last year’s and that elevated acidity and alcohol content is perfect for food pairings. Use a mid-sized glass to get the full activity of this brew and think room temp to see all the splendors! WORD: Vast WINE: Beefy reds/Flabby Whites BEER: Large Ales FOODS: The kitchen sink and all the fall flavors including the bird! PRICE: $34/720ml

New Store Arrivals October 2015c

Shichi Hon Yari “Hiyaoroshi” (First Time Available In The US)
From Shiga Prefecture. Junmai. SMV: +3.5 Acidity: 1.9
PRICE: $37/720 This sake will soon be available at the store, but it literally just got off the boat! I have not tasted it yet – I am very excited to! So I have asked Tamiko Ishidate from Young’s Market to say a few words about this exciting Fall Released sake. Here are her specific tasting notes:

Beau-san, As promised, here is my flavor notes of Shichi Hon Yari Hiyaoroshi: Aroma of Autumn with persimmon, fragrant mushroom, warm spice & a hint of oak. Superbly balanced, with clean acidity & confident body. A first time entry into the U.S. by the historic Tomita brewery who also makes Junmai and Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo of the same brand.

And this from the brewery: “This small-batch, seasonal sake is bottled in the spring and spends a perfect six monts maturing over summer. Layers of flavor gradually open up to a lively, smooth taste that pairs well with a wide range of foods. Serve chilled to warm!
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