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Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake “Aki No Ki-Ippon” Hiyaoroshi ‘15

Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake “Aki No Ki-Ippon” Hiyaoroshi ‘15
From Shizuoka Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.5

This Beau-Zone Layer is a selection created to take your sake passion and enthusiasm further down your own sake path! I like picking sakes that have mini-stories that will help you learn the little things in sake! Say hello to a Hiyaoroshi sake, which is specifically made for Fall Release or for when the weather gets cold! It is a single pasteurized sake that is heated once after fermentation then rested for 6 months!

Why 6 months? Because that’s when Autumn starts and that’s when foods in Japan and the US are so wonderfully tasty and these style of sakes are made to pair with these cuisines. I picked the Wakatake, because usually this brew doesn’t particularly speak to me, but this year it is drinking great! Look for a gentle complexity and balance that comes forth when the fluid warms to room temperature. At some point you should try a Hiyaoroshi and perhaps this brew will be your first!

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