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Sake Education - Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Jan 9-10TH!

Sake Education October 2015a

There have been several sake certification programs over the years and they all have had their strengths and weaknesses. I have supported and been directly involved with the majority of these efforts to educate our fellow sake souls. And in a sense I have been involved again with a new and powerful program that has come from two experienced institutions. The WSET with the help and blessings of Japan’s National Institute of Brewing have established a very in-depth and rigorous program that mirrors their best in the business wine certification program. How am I involved? I’m proud to say that I knew of this endeavor a few years back. It was spearheaded by several fellow Sake Samurai who continue to look after the promotion and proper education of sake. Herewith is a little blurb from Adam Chase from Grape Experience describing their first ever offering of the sake program in San Francisco in January.

Hey Beau


I wanted to let you know about a great new Sake course developed by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in conjunction with Japan’s National Institute of Brewing. Grape Experience is offering this course for the first time in the Bay Area the weekend of January 9-10 at the Holiday Inn, 1500 Van Ness Ave.

The WSET Sake course is an in depth examination of all elements and stages of sake production, as well as their impact on style, quality, and price. Participants will taste a wide range of sake styles to reinforce their learning, build their tasting skills, and their ability to assess Sake quality. This course combines classroom and some online study.

At the end of the course participants take an exam that includes tasting and theory questions. Upon passing the exam, students will receive a Certificate from the WSET, the world’s leading alcoholic beverage educational organization. Marina Giordano, one of the few WSET Certified Sake Educators, teaches the Course.

For more information and to enroll people should go to:

They can also contact me directly at

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