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Top Ten – Ten Sakes That Have Had Much Success at Sake Day!

Top 10 September 2015a

So you can’t make Sake Day? Really? Are you certain? It’s the 10th Anniversary and it’s in the coolest event space in SF? So go buy your ticket! But if you cannot participate in person you can surely participate by trying one of these amazing sakes that have made such an impression of Sake Days from year’s past. These sakes represent the best of the spirit of Sake Day and they should all be tried either in person of at home! Just get your Sake Day on one way or the other!

  • 10) Narutotai “Red Snapper” Nama Ginjo Genshu
    I remember when we sourced this sake in Japan! I was so excited to let the sake “peeps” taste it and we launched its arrival at Sake Day and it was a smashing hit! To this day the Narutotai “Can” is one of Sake Day’s and True Sake’s favorites!
  • 9) Takenotsuyu “Bamboo Tears” Junmai Daiginjo
    The owner of this brewery – Masao Aisawa – is a sake man through and through. He is a tremendous promoter of sake and has always embrassed Sake Day as an event important enough to fly over from Japan to lend his support. And he is usually in full kimono traditional dress! A Sake Day favorite sake brewery owner and friend.
Top Ten September 2015b
  • 8) Tengumai “Dance of the Demon” Yamahai Junmai
    Education is a very large component of Sake Day! And no other sake has helped me preach the “Sake Challenge Stations” like Tengumai, as it is the quintessential Yamaha sake that let’s guests taste what this style represents! It is the Yamahai Guy year in and year out!
  • 7) Minato “Harbor” Yamahai Futsushu Genshu
    Every year we get importers helping us out by participating with Sake Day. Sometimes their budgets do not allow them to do it, but yet they still do! We are beholding to these importers and we are proud to help sell their sakes. One such importer cannot make it this year, but at the last minute wanted to help the event and donated a lot of awesome sake! This “Can” is one of their more popular sakes!
  • 6) Kikusui “Chrysanthemum Water” Junmai Ginjo
    Each year we ask our importers and distributors to pour different sakes to mix things up! Sake Day is about exploration and change! But when we do this we also get a little blow back from tasters who like certain sakes. One such sake has always been the Junmai Ginjo from Kikusui! “Are you pouring this year?” You will just have to come and see!
  • 5) Cowboy Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu
    And yet another ultra popular sake that we launched at Sake Day. Hello world! Meet a sake that was made for meat! Ha! The owner cannot make it this year, but he always sends his friends from Niigata to help celebrate Sake Day with Cowboy Yamahai!
  • 4) Ginga Shizuku “Divine Droplets” Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku
    This sake has seen it all! It’s been a great partner to Sake Day as the brewery has gone through many changes! The former owner of the kura always loved Sake Day and even came to reperesent this sake when he no longer owned the brewery! Sad story but a happy sake imported by huge fans of Sake Day and great people!!
Top Ten September 2015c
  • 3) Kirinzan “Classic” Futsushu
    Anybody who donates the “Welcome Sake for Sake Day!” is okay with me! And this brewery along with their excellent importing company are some of the great people in sake, who do Niigata sake proud! Sake Day loves their support and the guests of Sake Day love their sakes! One of the most refreshing and welcoming of the Welcome Sakes for any Sake Day! This sake single handedly made people take the Futsushu category seriously!
  • 2) Jozen “Blue” Junmai Daiginjo
    This brewery in Niigata has always supported Sake Day! From day one to this Saturday they have always been a part of our success and our effort to teach our guests about sake. They have a new importer and continue to move their excellent sakes in the US. I will never forget their support on our behalf to encourage other sake breweries to participate. This sake by far was the “Favorite” for the “Welcome Sake” at any Sake Day!
  • 1) Ichinokura “Mukansa Super Dry” Honjozo
    Talk about a super partner for Sake Day! When we dedicated the 2011 Sake Day to the victims of the Tohuku earthquake and tsunami in Japan this brewery stepped up and donated a ton of sake including their Junmai for the Welcoming Sake. This year they are donating the ultra popular Mukansa and we are extremely grateful! So we honor Ichinokura for their continued participation with Sake Day! You guys are our sake brothers and sisters and we are one proud Sake Day family!
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