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“Ask Beau” – “What’s In Your Fridge Right Now?”

Hey, that’s a pretty good question Scott K from South San Francisco. But my first reply is which fridge? Ha! I have three. One for food and family, which is always full of sake and there is no room for nutrition, one wine fridge which is full of recently bought sakes and lots of craft sakes that have been given to me over the years ( I’m secretly aging them to see how well they do in terms of durability and longevity) and a third larger fridge that I use for all of my aged sakes. This last fridge is my baby! I have sakes that I have squirreled away over the past decade that are truly one of a kind. Several of the sakes that I have on chill are from breweries that no longer exist anymore – talk about extinct sake!

What is interesting is that you would assume that I would have lots of great fresh sake, but actually more of the sakes that are in my possession are old and damaged brews. I often weed out the weak and long in the tooth brews that should not be sold, and put them in my chiller. I also have a tendency to buy old sake in other retail wine shops or stores that are several years past their prime. I do this for two reasons. The first is I don’t want my brewers to have their sakes in such condition on sale to the public, and secondly I love taking the old sakes and making them older! I really like aging brews in a cold environment to see what flavors can be unearthed (pun intended).

Thank you for the question, because it is time to really clear out the main sake fridge. I have some really weird brews in there that need to be removed. I am certain some of the sakes are undrinkable. (Is that possible?) In any case my sake fridge is something that should not be replicated! It is a mess! But it’s my mess, and I love it!

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