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Ooki Daikichi Hoten Konnichiwa Cooking Sake
From Fukushima Prefecture. SMV: -25 Acidity: Mystery

Okay Folks! Talk about a great sake to explore with! To gift with! To play with! And most importantly to cook with! This special sake is basically bottled umami! It is the essence of umami, which is that nebulous flavor that challenges many but rewards all! If you like to cook, know a cook, or want to buy a present for yourself that will motivate you to cook then this sake is for you. It’s not “mirin” which is that fat goopy super sweet cooking sake that weighs down many dishes and sauces. It’s actually a far drier cooking brew that lightens your cooking efforts and gives a new seasoning-like sake flavor that is all things umami! The awesome label is actually quite gross! It basically speaks from a red snapper’s perspective and reads how excited the fish is to be cooked in that sake! Ha! This is connoisseur sake at its best and you should at some point try it! And yes, you can drink a small glass of it while you perform your chef magic!

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