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New Store Arrivals – The Spring Seasonal Namas Have Arrived!

New Store Arrivals February 2016a

Harushika Shiboribana ‘16
From Nara Prefecture. Nama Junmai Ginjo. SMV:+1 Acidity: 1.4

The nose on this year’s Harushika Nama is a splendid collection of blueberry, green apple, honeydew, and bubble gum elements. Ha! Usually this sake drinks very much like a ginjo each season, but this year there is a lot more pop! Good stuff as drinking a nama should be like drinking a fresh and semi-brash version of its pasteurized self. Far less controlled and far more crisp look for young pear and apple tones on a juicy fluid that ends up on the dry side. And on a very interesting front this brew explodes in the front of the palate – the immediate palate, which is unique and fun as the crisp flow then leaves the back of the throat. Flavor up front with a dry crisp finish. You can’t ask more for a living brew than that! WORD: Crisp WINE: Dry Reds/Bright Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Think international spice, salty and savory dishes.

Koshinohomare Shiboritate ‘16
From Niigata Prefecture. Nama Junmai Genshu. SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.6

This seasonally released sake is as fresh as fresh can be and has a nose filled with cooked rice, sweet nut, and banana crème brulee elements. Hello! Are you looking for a different flavored sake that is super tasty and super unique? Well look no further as this year’s version doesn’t taste like last year’s breakfast cereal bar, but rather it has a killer crème brulee attitude! Rich and vivid this unpasteurized sake is chewy, fat and very full-bodied. I wrote “round, ricy, and yummy” in my notes and I think that about does it! It is semi-sweet, but boarders more on rich sweet that is complex but very enjoyable. Round and expressive this brew makes for a great meal in a glass sake, and don’t let the 17%-18% alcohol fool you because you can’t even notice it with all of the fun flavors bouncing around. WORD: Crème Brulee WINE: Rich Reds/ Fat Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: The kitchen sink!

Jozen Mizunogotoshi “Nama”
From Niigata Prefecture. Nama Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.6

Woot! They finally starting exporting unpasteurized sakes from one of the best breweries in Japan! The nose on this special sake is a gentle collection of apple, mineral, sweet rice, and citrus tones. Say Hello to a very elegant and gentle nama sake that has controlled flavors on a fluid that is extremely drinkable. Clean, round, dry and layered this brew is the antithesis of the large, fruity, and zesty other nama Junmai Ginjos in the fridge. It is a great example of Niigata-style clean and dry sakes but in a raw form. Look for hints of apple and pear flavors that snap to attention especially in a larger glass that pushes the acidity to the sides of the palate. If this brew feels or tastes familiar there is a very good chance that you have tasted it before but in its pasteurized form! They elevate the acidity for the nama release and take note of the great balance. WORD: Dry WINE: Dry Reds/Clean Whites BEER: Minerally Ales FOODS: This brew does well at the sushi counter for certain or clean grilled fare.

Denshin “Fuyu” Shiboritate ‘16
From Fukui Prefecture. Nama Honjozo. SMV: NA Acidity:NA
$30/720ml, $61/1.8L

The nose on this seasonally released sake – look at the snowman under the cap label – is a special assortment of cherry, tart berry, green apple and citrus flavors. Ha! These guys make great seasonal sakes and Fuyu’16 is no exception. It’s a fun fresh pressed sake that has a good smoothness and all kinds of peek-a-boo flavors that jump out all over the place. Crisp, tart, sour, gentle sweetness say what? Incedibly the balance in this sake with a 17%-18% alc content pulls together and harmnonizes flavors such as green apple, blueberry and tart kiwi. And guess what? It’s smooth even with the candy like character that tastes sweeter in a smaller glass. Is it slippery water or just rice and water fun? I don’t care it’s as good as ever! WORD: Blueberry WINE: Layered Reds/ Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Stands up to spice and all things salty and savory nice.

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