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Sake Day 2016 – The 11th Anniversary of Sake Greatness

Sake Day '16 September 2016 A

Okay folks! Sorry to inundate you (two extra emails) with notices about Sake Day, but the more commitments that we get the more excited I get! The 11th Anniversary of this fun-derful event is going to be nothing short of amazing. We have a ton of sake! We have loads of special sake guests! And we have a record number of sake brewery owners who have come over specifically to meet with you at Sake Day!

If you have been to Sake Day then you get it! But if you have never attended then make an effort to get your sake on this October 1st. We have a lot of interesting directions this year, from very ethnic food trucks to chocolate and cheese pairings with superb sakes. Meet sake makers and talk to industry folks about the future of sake. It is no secret that the sake segment is about to explode and this is a great event to get your finger on the pulse of all things sake.

Sake Day '16 September 2016 A

One of my most favorite “features” at Sake Day is the “Try It – Like It – Buy It” service that allows you to taste a sake real time and then order that brew that you love with free delivery! There is nothing like it in the industry. We started it. We were the first, and it’s all for you!

Tokyo Television will be covering Sake Day, because they feel that this event is the new “face of sake.” And it is! Of course Sake Day is a great party – better than any old Oktoberfest! But it’s also a sake learning laboratory! You can see how sake is made! You can taste every category of sake. You can speak directly to the makers and owners of breweries. And it’s also boozing for a good cause as all proceeds go to our dear friends at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California. So Tokyo TV is right, and we want you to be a part of this important sake adventure.

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