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Sake Love – Shin-san Lists His Favorite February “Love Potion” Sakes

Shinsuke's Love Potions February 2016 1

It brings me great pleasure when members of the True Sake team get into the spirit of the newsletter and write some really fun reviews about sakes that speak to them.

It is a team effort here at True Sake and our very own Shinsuke asked to tackle the very interesting yet difficult "Valentine's Day" Top Ten list for sakes that go well on this Hallmark Holiday! But since the actual day is over he decided to craft a "Love Potions List" of sakes that speak to his young amorous heart!

As a side note we must warn the readers that this anecdotal list is from Shin himself and this newsletter and ownership of True Sake cannot take responsibility if you fall in love with another person on account of Shin's "Love Potion List." We do stand by the fact that you will fall in love with sake. Take it away Shin-San!

Faces get red, faces get true, there are potions to love, and you don't need a cork screw, a secret I will reveal for hearts that are blue, its SAKE!!!

Sake is a great way to get to know one other, whether at the dinner table, in the wilderness, at parties, or where ever you feel comfortable getting comfortable. The (Love Potions) Sakes I have chosen for this month is to help calm your nerves and to impress that significant other into thinking you can be just as suave as Marvin Gaye or Sade or even Beau-san.

1, Born Muroka
Nama Genshu
A great one-two punch sake. Want to impress them with just sake? Hit em' with the bottle! Want to knock em' out? Combine this sake with a cooked meal to savor this sake to its fullest!

2. Amabuki Strawberry
Junmai Ginjo Nama
Get ready to spin some Beatles albums because Amabuki 'Strawberry' sake is forever delicious, juicy and smells like fresh fields of tropical fruits, and a biting finish that will make you want to twist and shout. If you don't think chocolate dipped strawberries will win the heart, this surely will.

3. Ichinokura Kura no Hana
Junmai Daiginjo
Want to be the life of the party? Sorry because this Kura no Hana sake will have the tongues turning. But who's to say there can't be two VIP's, you just have to keep up with its smooth, lush and rich characteristics. People will keep bugging you for your little friends name.

4. Shunnoten Fisherman Cup
Tokubetsu Junmai
Fun, dry and savory, this sake is great for picnics, spontaneous adventures, or an intimate bonfire that will make you hope that the day won't end any time soon. Be sure to stop by the convenience store because this sake is great with finger foods!

Shinsuke's Love Potions February 2016 2

5. Kirin Hizoshu
Want to let them know you can be silky smooth yet a little nutty? As if the velvet box and the sky blue bottle doesn't already say so. This layered, silky, round, with notes of white grape, Satsuma plum, and soft pistachios, truly makes a magnificent gift to get the feelings across the palette after that first sip.

6. Masumi Sanka
Junmai Daiginjo
f you're having trouble starting that conversation, pop this bottle open and you'll have trouble shutting this sake up! This elegant Masumi Sanka is so deep and complex that it will take some time for you to agree with others on a specific note when sipping this sake. Fruity, floral and earthy are some categories that you might find, but will vary on specifics depending on the person. Fruity, what kind of fruit? Floral, what flower? So the question is, "What do you taste?"

7. Murai Family
Nigori Genshu
Bored? Heres a fun game to play with sake! Items you need: 1.Murai Family Nigori Sake. 2. Marker, face paint or lipstick. 3. Friends or strangers who are willing. The goal of the game is to draw the best Japanese warrior on your opponents face. A brave warrior is located on the Murai Family sake for your reference. The winner will be decided by the crowd. Don't forget to sip this soft and creamy sake while drawing! Good Luck!

Shinsuke's Love Potions February 2016 3

8. Tsukinokatsura Iwai
Still looking for that long lost love? Or maybe you've just signed up to our world renowned newsletter! Welcome! This sake is a great introduction to the realm we roam in. Light and soft, yet finishing with expressive notes of rice and grains. Iwai is enjoyable with a variety of foods and flexible to have at different temperatures, so be open with each other!

9. Tenryo Hidahomare "Pride of Hida"
Junmai Ginjo
People forget to love themselves at times, and what better way to tell yourself you love yourself than sake! Already packaged to you in a beautiful straw basket design, Tenryo Hidahomare is a wonderful eye opener for those looking for a good Junmai Ginjo sake! Be warned, you might love yourself too much and get another bottle.

10. Dewazakura Mt. Cherry
Junmai Daiginjo
You've just took your date to an extravagant restaurant or maybe you went all out and cooked a secret family recipe with fiery passion, and now you need that cherry on top... You know what, flip the script and give your sweetheart a MOUNTAIN of CHERRIES! Dewazakura Mt. Cherry starts very smooth with bold fruity notes of cherries, pomegranate, and orange plums ending with a crisp earthy and fresh Sakura blossom petal notes.

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