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Sake Moments – The Bird IS The Word!

Sake Moments November 2016 A

Yup! It is painfully obvious that the holidays are near! I had to wade through candy canes and green and red M&M’s to find Halloween candy this year! And once the spooky night was over stores went straight into Christmas and Holiday decoration and advertising mode. Sorry Thanksgiving, but you are a simple afterthought these days!

No way Jose! Not at True Sake. We love us some Bird Day and all things gravy! We aren’t even close to fake snow and little Rudolphs flying around. We are all about a very special day to give thanks for Sake!

Sake Moments November 2016 B

Oh right! Like Thanksgiving is the day to give thanks to the Indians for saving our historical butts. Yah Right! Thanksgiving in it’s truest sense of the word is to give thanks to those ancient makers first from China then from Japan who magically turned rice and water into sake! That is the purest and truest sense of the word Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to those who invented sake! So we say Thank You! And for you to play along we have placed little turkeys around the necks of several sakes that go so very well with sake. In fact we made a Top 10 List of sakes that work wonders with turkey and all of the condiments associated with Thanksgiving. Did anybody say cranberry sauce? Sake works. Mashed potatoes? Sake works. Gravy? Sake works! Get it?

So take a gander at our Top 10 List or come down to the store and check out which sakes should be at your table for Thanksgiving and do NOT forget to toast those amazing original makers of sake for THE greatest contribution to mankind EVER!

Get your turkey and sake on!

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