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Sake Shhhh! – The Sake Connoisseur’s Casbah

Move along now! Nothing to see here! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Move along! For a VERY limited time we have created a sake connoisseur’s section that is too amazing to call a Connoisseur’s “Corner.” Let me be frank. This section represents some of the best and most talked about sakes ever made in Japan. And several of these offerings are so limited that the brewer only made less than 200 bottles. This is the “sick” (in a good way) side of sake and it really speaks to those who have the luxury of saying “Money is no object” and they love tasting some truly impeccable sakes with amazing stories.

If you need that killer sake to win over that special person for the holidays this section is for you. Want to impress the boss with a sake that is so limited that very few foreigners have ever tasted it? How about Gold Medal sakes that are so treasured that you have to be on a waiting list for three years – in Japan!

Shin and I counted 59 Daiginjo sake offerings in the store last Monday. 59! That is truly amazing and is by far the largest offering of Daiginjo sakes outside of Japan. But wait – that does not include the 12 different extremely high end Daiginjo’s in the Connoisseur’s Casbah! Ummm that number bumps up to 71! Incredible! They are waiting for you at the store or please call in to hear more. Each sake has a special “Story Review". One of them is milled to 8.75% using the legendary Kame no O rice varietal. Another comes from a brewery that was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. 

There is simply no collection like the Connoisseur’s Casbah in the US or even Japan and they are only available for a short period of time. Please contact KJ at if you would like a run down of pricing and reviews.

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