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The Beau-Zone Layer

Genbei “4 Eyed Devil” Honjozo
From Kyoto Prefecture. Honjozo. SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.5

Howdy! Welcome to the Beau-Zone Layer, which is a little section in the store that allows me to select a sake that I feel you may need to explore on your path to total and complete sake enlightenment. This month’s sake is one of the most well recognized Honjozos in the market! But! You may not have tried it, because we usually just carry one size of this brew that only comes to the US in two sizes. It’s pretty weird for a brewery to export a 1.8L and a 180ml version. You’d think that they would do the typical 720ml bottle and the 300ml. But no! These guys march to a different drum. So in my effort to get you to taste and fall in love with this round, soft, and rich sake I offer you this incredibly cute little bottle of sake. And when you enjoy it immensely come back and get the “big-boy” version which is absolutely best value sake in the store in the 1.8L format. Enjoy this little devil you little devil!

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