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The Beau-Zone Layer

Taiheizan “Grand Mountain”
From Wakayama Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.7

Hmmmmmmmm? What have you been waiting for? Have you never tried this amazing Kimoto or “pole rammed” sake by a brewery that is known the globe over for being fermenting geniuses? They ferment sake, soy sauce, and miso! Have been doing it for over a 100 years, which means that they are pretty good at it! How good? Well let’s just say that this brewery did it again! Did what? Well they took home a gold medal for the International Wine Challenge, and they took home a very prestigious Gold Medal in the Japanese National Tasting. And they do it every year. I have visited this brewery in Akita and what impressed me most is their professionalism. They are dedicated to fermenting. Their core is fermentation. It is a passion and a calling. So try a bottle of their amazing Kimoto Junmai that is rich, round and long in flavor! Truly an amazing sake from and equally amazing brewery!

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