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True Archives – Some Hot Sake Blasts From The Past

Sake Archives Hot Sake 1

Hot sake means a lot to us at True Sake! We mean that, because it is such a polarizing “concept” in the sake industry. Many people don’t like sake, because they don’t like hot sake and that is very wrong. But it is a reality. So for over a decade we have been trying to educate the market that hot sake is not bad, but rather bad sake makes bad hot sake! For years we’ve been almost begging to get folks who “Don’t like sake!” to give sake a second chance. And that said for an equal amount of time we’ve been challenging our True Sake fans to not only drink chilled sake, but to venture back to the warm sake ways!

Tis the season for warm sake and these articles from our “way-back machine” may very well help you find a sake that may speak to you when it is warmed and “lovely.” We will also point out a list or two of some proven warm sake winners! And lastly, we always recommend that you visit our archives on the website where we have almost 140 consecutive months of absolutely fabulous sake information at your “search” fingertips! Now get searching and get warming too!

 Sake Archives Hot Sake 2

  • This “memory warming” post about why to warm sake is very dear to my heart as it features a picture from a temporary home where I warmed a lot of sake to heat up my then very cold life!
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