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True Sake In The News – “By The Bottle” Team Does An In-Store Interview

“Welcome to By The Bottle TV, a travel show that brings you the best beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails that the U.S. has to offer. Don’t miss the adventures of two life-long friends as they travel around the country, exploring the booze scene, one city, and one bottle, at a time.“

By the Bottle TV

And that was the intro for two fun guys who came to the store to learn a little about sake. When they were finished we didn’t hear from them. And ironically a customer said that they saw the episode and said it was great! I am not the biggest fan of watching myself, but something very fitting happened during the filming. And it directly relates to our section on the “Sake Process” (LINK) where we discover something odd with a sake and then tell the importers who in turn tell the brewers. It’s part of the process of making sake better for the end-user.

It seems like we shot this yesterday but it has almost been a year! My mom said it was excellent and I trust her opinion, but there is one magical moment when we open and taste a sake that was off! They didn’t know it, but I knew instantly that something was wrong with a sparkling sake from Harushika called Tokimeki or “The Palpitation of Sake.” I know this sake very well and could tell the aroma and taste were not right! Check out what I do next!

So enjoy this fun interview and watch for how I draw attention away from a sparkling sake that had seen better days.

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