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Ask Beau – “Are you thinking about another book?”

Well, it’s actually an honor that you asked! So thank you for that Jon in Marin, CA. There are a lot of sake books out there, and more coming. I know many of the authors who have helped shape the sake book market – all great people with so much to say. And I think that is the crux of the matter. It’s pretty easy to write a book about sake as all of that information is out there. So, I think the next step in sake wording is more personal experience pieces that document certain aspects of the sake industry from unique views and optics.

Do I have something to say about sake? You bet. Do I have a unique view of the sake industry? You bet. Can I communicate that in an expressive and engaging capacity? Debatable! Ha!

When you write 150 monthly issues of anything I think you eventually find a voice in a specific market. Does that translate into writing another book? I don't’ know. My first effort was pretty shoddy! Yes, I said it! I had very little control over the final content and message. Yes, there were some mistakes, too. And yes, I would do it over big time if I had to recreate that “Sake-A Modern Guide” (Chronicle Books) effort. It’s out of print, and maybe the next “book” would be more from me to you rather than from me to an editor, back to me back to the editor, and back to the publisher.

As I have said before, sake is a river and I have put my foot in one point of that water. It moves and it is gone, but it is still part of the river. Should I put another foot in the river? I’ll get back to you on that!

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