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Beau-Zone Layer

Umenishiki “Gorgeous Plum”

From Ehime Prefecture. Junmai Daiginjo. SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.4

Top Ten May 2017 D

Welcome to one of the most “flavorful” Junmai Daiginjos in the business. What does flavorful mean? For me it means pushing the boundaries of what rice and water can taste like. There are no additions. No flavor enhancers. No added flavorings. This is pure rice and water at its best. And it’s truly remarkable how fruity a sake can taste. Now add in the fact that the flavors are complex and hide sneaky elements from white peach to melon then it’s a delicious head scratcher. We carry both sizes of this brew, and both packages are extremely cool. You can't go wrong with either. There’s the 720ml red velvet box or this cute killer cup. If you want to taste an expensive Junmai Daiginjo at a better price point then the cup is calling. I like this brewery a lot and you will love their flavorful Junmai Daiginjo.

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