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Beau-Zone Layer


From Niigata Prefecture. Nama Genshu. SMV: -2 Acidity: 1.6

Beau Zone July 2017 D

Yay! Another sake that would not be in the US if it weren’t for True Sake. Yes, we were the ones who went to Kikusui and kept asking for this amazingly large can of goodness. And for years they said that they couldn’t! Why? Finally I found out. They were afraid of the stability of the can for shipping, because it’s actually a beer can that when full of beer with it’s bubbles is very solid, but when filled with sake it’s squishy! So we finally prevailed and now this monster that is anything but ugly, is ready for your personal party in a can! There is a very cool pouring spout included that makes this can very social. And the Funaguchi Gold is rich and plump and fun! In fact “fun” is in its name. So be a super star when you go to your next party, or take this Monster into the hot tub and see if you and yours can survive! Go MONSTER or go home!

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