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Sake Archives December 2017 A

Ho Ho Ho, Fellow Sake Drinkers!

Tis the season to eat, drink & be merry! Oh.. and did I mention reminisce about True Sake Holiday-inspired archives? While dreamily reading and sipping a delicious brew, here are a few of my favorite sake stories of Christmas past...

For me, the holiday season screams hearty German fare! What better than to combine my love of this wonderful cuisine with a delicious pour of nihonshu?

Sake Challenge - Sake vs. German Food!
(December 2009)

This article is tons of fun if you want to see what True Sake's staff were drinking many holiday moons ago...

Sake Season - Ten Sake Gifts for the Holidays (December 2010)

This article is super cute and a great hint at what to stuff your lover or best friend's stocking with!

Secret Santa - Several Stocking Stuffers for the Season
(December 2013)

Sake Archives December 2017 B

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