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Sake Archives October 2017 A

Greetings Sake Friends,

Muah ha ha... it's that time again...

This month I have been shuddering with fear over writing this article. How does rummaging through 14 years of horrifying sake articles sound to you? On top of it, I was looking especially for those articles that give readers the chills. Here they are... and keep one eye covered if necessary...

When drinking old sake has some people spooked:

Sake Exploration - Drinking a 40+ Year-Old Sake (October 2009)

Sake Archives - October 2017 B

Scary sake selections of True Sake staffs gone by...

Sake Selections – Boooo! Top 10 Scariest Sakes For Halloween (October 2013)

Lastly, the most frightening article of all... When Beau gets peeved!

Ask Beau - "What is one of your biggest peeves about the sake industry?" (October 2011)

Thank you for spooking out on the archives with me. Until next time! Booooo!

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