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TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Scariest Sakes at True Sake

In honor of October 31st and all things Halloween, we’ve decided to pick ten sakes that will scare the crap out of you! Are they crappy sakes? Hell no! But they would serve these wickedly devilish sakes in hell! So, herewith are ten sake for you to take a chance on if you dare! BEWARE!:

TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Scariest Sakes at True Sake October 2017 A

10) Dewatsuru “Sakura Emaki”

  • Say hello to a spooky sake that is actually colored red because it is made using a purple varietal of brewing rice. This lower alcohol sake is complex and drinkable! The color of blood in your sake glass for Halloween! How apropos! 

9) Fuku Chitose “Happy Owl”

  • Sure the name may say “Happy Owl” but look at that haunted bird on the orange and black label. This tasty sake is scary for another reason too, as it is a “Yamaha” sake that has loads of rich, bold and robust flavors. And guess what? Yamahai rhymes with “You’re going to die!”

8) Genbei “4-Eyed Devil”

  • I got scared just looking at the label and typing 4-Eyed Devil. This sake is a great brew to heat your Halloween night up! It’s perfect for warming and when your body goes stone cold, your stomach will be your last warm spot.


TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Scariest Sakes at True Sake October 2017 B

7) Joppari “Stubborn Daruma”

  • Are you sure this can’s name should be Stubborn Daruma, because that face looks like it wants to KILL YOU! This smooth and ricey sake is great to give to the little kids in the neighborhood – AFTER you drink it!

6) Inemankai “Ine’s Full Bloom”

  • This blood red sake from Kyoto is the perfect sake for October 31st. Instead of drinking blood you will be drinking a sake made from an ancient red rice varietal that should put a shiver through your bones for the entire Halloween party.

5) Yuki Otoko “The Abominable Snowman”

  • Sure this snow monster looks cute and cuddle on the cool sake cup, but when he rips your arms off and leaves you bleeding to death in the snow then you will truly know how scary this “cute” little sake cup is to your health.

4) Chiyomusubi “Oyaji”

  • Are you ready to be freaked out by your sake this Halloween? Then look into this sake’s eyes – I mean – eye! This eye is actually a father who watches over his son, but on the 31st it will be watching over you!

TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Scariest Sakes at True Sake October 2017 C

3) Wakatake “Demon Slayer”

  • On Halloween night you are going to need help, a lot of help. When things look bloody and bleak it will be time for you to pull out your Demon Slayer and get all Buffy!

2) Kamoizumi “Red Maple”

  • So why is the Maple Leaf Red? The blood fool! All of the blood! And guess what’s even scarier? This sake is an aged nama sake? Wha? Yes, it is a sake that wasn’t pasteurized as in “fresh” but then tortured and aged for 3 years! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

1) Ippongi “Hannya” “Hot Devil”

  • Halloween is about getting Freaky and this the most freaky sake in the store! Why? Because it is an Ume-shu which means a sweet plum wine. BUT WAIT! It’s also spicy! What? Yes it’s sweet and spicy and there is a devil on the label and I can’t say any more – Run – Run – RUN!
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