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Sake Archives August 2017 A

Hello Sake Lovers!

It's that time again!

I can't believe it! Is it fall already? Is Sake Day is right around the corner? You bet! The staff here at True Sake are BEAMING with excitement for this year's festivities. Over 250 sake will be featured this year and many famous faces of the sake world will be celebrating with us! What a great way to honor sake and the season of Autumn! In remembrance of glorious years past, here are some inspiring articles showing us all what it means to party at SAKE DAY!

Sake Day from 2005 was filled with fun and games:

Sake Day 2005 – The Recap! (October 2005)

Sake Day 2011 fought a natural disaster by using sake to bring positivity & proceeds to the country of Japan:

Sake Day 2011 - Rewind "A Toast To Recovery!" (October 2011)

Sake Archives - September 2017 B

Lastly, here is an article that expresses all the love the True Sake staff feels for this timeless event!

Sake Day 2016 – Recap of a Truly Amazing 11th Anniversary (October 2016)

Thank you for enjoying the archives with me. Until next time! Mata ne!

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