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Sake Archives – KJ Puts On Her Miners Cap To Find Some Fun Past Articles

Sake Archive 2017 A

I have asked KJ, who is helping with the newsletter and the website to explore our vast True Sake Newsletter Archives that features 12 years of awesome and amazing and stupendous sake facts and tidbits that speak to the sake market from a retailers perspective.

I want her to pick out certain topics that are timely and appealing to those looking to learn a little more about sake, or just want to have fun reading a certain sillier side of an ancient beverage.

So herewith is KJ to pick an article or two for your sake insight and smile.

Experimentation Archives:

November 2012: Sake Experiment - Aging "Hiyaroshi" Sake
Aging sake has been at the forefront of my mind lately. Luckily, Beau recorded the results of his aging Hiyaroshi style sake in November 2012. These are great sakes to analyze, considering they are namazume (pastuerized once rather than twice) and are aged for 6 months before release. Dive into this article to better understand sake's potential for aging and improving.

May 2010: Sake Experiment - Shak'n Nigoris
"To shake or not to shake, that is the question!" I picked this past article about shaking nigori and if it has positive or negative effects over a period of time. I figured this would be interesting for you cloudy lovers out there.. especially those of you tempted to shake!!

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