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Sake Emotions – Valentine’s Day LOVES Sake!

Sake V-Day February 2017 A

Ha! Over the years I have always had the most fun writing about sake and Valentine’s Day. Need Proof? Check out KJ’s Section about mining the archives for fun stories. She has a lot this month, because of my past LOVE for writing about sake and V-Day!

In short, Valentine’s Day has become so commercial and gross. I can’t stand it! The chocolates. The roses. The yuck! I can’t be too old and crotchety, because it does serve a purpose of sorts. Yes, you can tell the one you love that you do indeed love him or her. I guess the other purpose is for those looking for love. It’s a doorway where maybe you can pass through on that special day. It represents another chance. For me I use Valentine’s Day to love bomb my mom. But she doesn’t drink! Doh! So I cannot share amazing sakes with her. Hello crappy chocolates and flowers!

Sake V-Day February 2017 B

In other words, Valentine’s Day is perfect for sake! V-Day loves sake! Why? First of all it’s a great gift. It’s unique and sends a really wonderful message – you are the bomb and you deserve to be loved! Secondly, sake is awesome for those who should love themselves. Remember you? Yes, you! You need to love yourself every once in a while. A great bottle of sake for you, by you, says, “Hey, my friend, you deserve this special bottle of sake, because I love YOU!”

Check out the Top 10 List for some fun “love” sakes and some even more fun “out of love” sakes! Let us guide you to liquid completion. And again, run from the conventional Valentine’s Day expressions. Be unique. Be sake!

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