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Sake Season – The Sake Turkey Hunt

Sake Season – The Sake Turkey Hunt A

Turkey Season is open folks! And it looks like there are a ton of big birds to find. What do you mean, “find”? Don’t I mean hunt in the traditional sense of blowing those babies away? NOPE! We mean hunt in the sense that there are numerous turkeys flying around our store waiting for you to find them! And no we don’t mean the inflatable turkeys that are currently in our window display.

Sake Season – The Sake Turkey Hunt B

For the tenth year in a row we have turkeys hanging around the necks of certain bottles of sake. Why? Because these turkeys know their sake, and they are marking certain bottles that are perfect with turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. What? Sake on Thanksgiving? Are you crazy? Turkey only goes with wine. WRONG! The bird goes much better with sake, because it is a starch-based libation that compliments the rich and savory flavors.

Come to True Sake without your gun! You may bring a turkey call or a spouse who acts like a turkey and could be a good decoy. Then look for all of the turkeys that will guide you to an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner where you will give Thanks for this amazing ancient Japanese beverage. And guess what? These turkeys are in the giving spirit! Each turkey represents a 10% discount on that specific turkey clad sake. Find a turkey, buy a turkey-clad sake, and get 10% off of that sake!

Now that bird is the word!

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