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Top 10 List – 5 Love Sakes and 5 Out of Love Sakes

Top Ten February 2017 A

Okay folks! The day has come, Judgment Day, commonly referred to as Valentine’s Day! Yes, it is the day of judgment as you try to pawn off some crappy chocolate, dying roses and flat Champagne on some poor unknowing lover. Heck, you may even go the teddy bear, heart balloon, or sexy pajamas dying route. Valentine’s Day is a gosh darn mine field and you’re wearing clown shoes. So what do you do? You let sake save the day! If you gift sake then you will be “judged” as being awesome! There is no other V-Day gift like it, and like Colt 45 Beer, it “Works every time!” But what if you’re not in love or loved? (We always love you!) We have some great sakes for those who are “Out of love” too, so everybody wins with sake on Valentine’s Day.

5 “Loved” Sakes

1. Azen “Ai” “Love” Koshu
Cannot have a LOVE sake list without a sake that is in fact called “Love.” This aged sake (5 years) is made with almost brown rice, meaning it’s not really milled that much. It is so darn flavorful and is a food pairing monster. Talk about liquid love. Great for those who have never tried a koshu sake! And the box is perfect for V-Day!

Top Ten Sakes February 2017 B

2. Wakatake Onna Nakase Junmai Daiginjo
The literal translation of this brew is “So good it makes women cry.” Now some may see that as a bad thing, but the owner of this brewery once told me he saw a woman love his sake so much that she had a tear in her eye! So it’s a good thing! It’s a damn good thing!

3. Yuki no Bosha “Cabin in the snow” Junmai Ginjo
How romantic is that? Hello Tahoe! Take this sake and your lover to a romantic get away and you will win the day! A super flavorful Junmai Ginjo that speaks to wine drinkers.

4. Kanbara “Bride of the fox” Junmai Ginjo
Let us not forget that Valentine’s Day also represents the day where couples can say, “I love you.” Yes, even married couples. Whether it be the bride of the fox, or the groom of the fox, or the fox of the fox this rich and velvety brew drinks like liquid love!

5. Umenishiki “Gorgeous Plum” Junmai Daiginjo
Valentine’s Day has a certain look! You know the red thing. Well, no other sake in the store has more of the look than this amazing Junmai Daiginjo that comes in a red velour box. Yes – a red velour box. Stop your search. Put down the teddy bear, the heart balloon, and the red lacy thing or thong and get this box into your V-Day invasion. This sake drinks better than it’s packaged. Now that is love!

Top Ten February 2017 C

5 “Out Of Love” Sakes

1. Hannya Spicey Umeshu
Come on! Look at the face of this guy. If that person is not out of love I don’t know who is! This is a great “must try” sake that is actually a plum wine. But not any old sweet plum wine. This is a spicy and sweet plum wine that is a party in a glass. It’s really an odd sensation that drinks great, especially with a little milk and an ice cube or two.

2. Tsukinokatsura “Yanagi” “Willow Tree” Junmai Ginjo
They don’t call it a weeping willow for nothing! This amazing sake is extremely layered, flavorful, and very balanced. The kind of balance that you feel when you are sitting under a willow tree pondering your next love move.

3. Genbei “Four Eyes” Honjozo
Okay! So you’re out of love! Sometimes you just don’t need that stuff! This extremely drinkable honozo is good for a “just you” sake session. If you are into moderation we have the little 180ml bottles if you are really hurtin’ we have the 1800ml size. Be smart! Four eyes may help you see your situation better.

Top Ten February 2017 E

4. Shiokawa “Shokujo” Fisherman Junmai Ginjo
We had a lot of fun with this pick, because we imagined what do people do when they fall out of love. They go fishing silly! Yup, they take to the seas to cast that line out for love again and again. The bottle itself screams V-day! So try this fantastic seafood pairing sake and perhaps the catch is you!

5. Kudoki Jozu “The Pick-Up Artist” Junmai Ginjo
Yup! That’s not a misprint or a typo! This sake’s name really is the Pick-Up Artist. Basically this is like liquid cougar! So who needs love when you are free and can go hit the market? This very flavorful and wine-like Junmai Ginjo will give you all the liquid courage that you need to go pick up some digits or social media thingies!

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