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Top Ten List – 10 Sakes You Have Forgotten About

Top Ten Forgotten Sakes January 2017 A

It’s okay! You’re only human. You make mistakes. What can you say? You forget things. You’re not an elephant, and your memory has “gone to mush.” You can’t remember your Social Security number, your business phone number, your password for, or your daughter’s name. It’s totally okay. You are forgiven. BUT you are not forgiven for forgetting some of these amazing sakes. Yes, that’s right! You have forgotten these ten brews and you should do something about it! (Right after you remember your password):

10) Tenryo “Hidahomare” “The Pride of Hida”
Hold on a second! You can remember all of those fruity Junmai Ginjo’s but you forgot this rich and ricey brew that is soooooo sake! That’s right! Oh imagine that, the flavor of rice! And considering this sake is made with a flower yeast, you should never forget it or the packaging!

9) Ichinokura Taru “Ace Brewery”
So you forgot about “taru” or cedar sake! Shame on you! Especially if you have a wooden masu (box) at home for drinking sake! Nothing does better in your cedar sake box than a cedar sake! This brew is so complex and tasty that you actually are forgetting that you are drinking a taru. Wait what?

8) Kotsozumi “Rojo Hana Ari” “Bloom on the Path”
You forgot “Rojo”? We can see why! This amazing sake has had several importers of late and they keep jumping around. But we can get it now and we know that you have forgotten what a stellar sake this brew is. Think complex and suave but in such a drinkable package! Don’t forget the “Rojo”!

Top Ten Sakes January 201y B

7) Gunma Izumi Honjozo “Famous Fountain”
Shame on you (said in your best grandmother’s voice)! How could you forget one of the best dollar to sake values in the store. This honjozo is a drinkable as sake gets, and it’s cheap! But not cheap like that! Think smooth, easy and rich! And never forget it!

6) Kamotsuru Tokusei “Gold Flake”
Did you forget what Prime Minister Abe poured for our last president who went to Japan on business? He poured this gold flake brew! That’s right there’s gold in this great tasting sake. How could you forget that? (And no gold flakes won’t kill you, they will make you live longer I promise – forget that!)

5) Narutotai Junmai Ginjo Genshu “Red Snapper”
Okay, now we are mad! How could you possibly forget one of the cornerstones of True Sake? Before the uber popular “Can”, this sake was everybody’s favorite and for good reason. A deeply drinkable sake that is as cool as it looks! Forget the other Snapper next visit and remember the Genshu!

4) Hanahato Kijoshu “Gorgeous Bird”
Ah! Now we see! You think that you are too cool for this kijoshu or “dessert sake.” You’ve totally forgotten what an amazing tasting this sake that has been aged for 8 years. Your loss! Isn’t it time to try this extremely port-like brew that is expansive and so liquid lush! Cigar smoker? Chocolate lover? They both pair so well for this unique but unforgettable sake.

Shins sSparkling December 2016 B

3) Ichishima Tokubestu Honjozo
You did! You completely forgot one of the most sought after honjozos in Niigata prefecture! Are you kidding? This is one of those “how in the hell do they do it?” sakes. Rich and yet light? Huh? Did you forget? You did! They don’t call this “Tokubetsu” or special for nothing!

2) Shirakabe Gura “White Wall”
Wait! How could you? Look at the bottle. The cool white label bottle. Why white? It’s supposed to represent an ancient old white wall at the brewery. You forgot? Okay, well did you forget that this is one of the best “tastes like rice” sakes in the store at one of the best price points? Geesh! You forgot the wall!

1) Sawanoi "Foundation of Tokyo"
Aaaaaahhhhhh! No way! Please tell us that you didn’t forget the only sake in the store that is fermented in wooden vats? You did! Darn you! There are many “Kioke” sakes out there, but they all pale in comparison to this extremely complex sake that drinks in a way that wine lovers would give up and forget grapes!

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