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TOP Ten List – Ten Sakes That Are Great For The Bar-B-Q

I never knew that May was the official month of Bar-B-Q. Did you? Okay Smarty Pants did you know that sake goes very well with Bar-B-Q and all things off a Bar-B-Q grill? That’s right! Meats, game, fowl, fish and veggies, you grill it and sake will “thrill” it! That even goes for burgers and dogs! So herewith are Ten Sakes that will thrill your grill when you decide to honor the National Bar-B-Q Month of May:

Top Ten May 2017 A

10) Yuki no Bosha “Cabin In The Snow” Yamahai Junmai
This super smooth traditionally made sake “Yamahai” is a great grill companion with it’s mild richness and it’s superb balance. Go ahead and try to tip the cart over with your amazing grilled chicken galore because this brew will right the cart and everybody wins.

9) Shichida Muroka Nama Junmai Ginjo Genshu
So you are a badass bar-b-q’er! Well say hello to a badass raw sake that is unpasteurized and full of punch, power, and boldness. Is your grill for making massive flavors? Then this brew is the pure dance partner as it is a mouthful in every sip. Huge flavored sake to meet your grill’s best shot!

8) Kuroushi “Black Bull” Junmai Ginjo
Say hello to my little friend! Get the Black Bull cup or get the whole bottle, but get it to your grill ASAP. Not only is the name appropriate for grilling, but the sake itself is perfect for your meats and madness! It’s a super tasty full-bodied sake that goes so well with salty and savory fare. Be Bullish for your next Bar-B-Q adventure.

7) Ten to Chi “Heaven and Earth” Junmai Daiginjo
There are not a lot of Daiginjo sakes that I’d take to a big grilling, but Heaven and Earth is that exception because of it’s balance and smoothness. This brew has a solid confidence wrapped up in an earthy and non-typical Daiginjo flavor. It’s base! And sometimes a grill needs to talk about that base, all about that base.

Top Ten May 2017 B

6) Fuku Chitose “Happy Owl” Yamahai Junmai
Owls are wise correct? Well you’d be wise to invite this owl to your next Bar-B-Q! Why? Because it is a funky crazy walk down a toasted, roasted road filled with many nutty, earthy, and nougaty flavors that would rock your grill deep into the Hoo Hoo night!

Top Ten May 2017 C

5) Amabuki “Strawberry” Nama Junmai Ginjo
Okay who is ready to get the grilling freak on? This amazing raw sake is made using a strawberry yeast and has a wonderful fruity and full-bodied profile. Does your Bar-B-Q call for sweetness or spiciness? Why not throw this super flavorful brew at it to get that sweet heat thang going? A unique sake for your unique grilling fare.

4) Dewazakura “Omachi” Junmai Ginjo
This Bar-B-Q sake masterpiece is a shout out to Lynette, our long time True Sake employee who recently said her goodbyes. Why does she love this brew? (And girl knows her sakes) Because this is one of those OMG sakes that is all flavor and feeling. It is a tremendous mouthful of goodness and what griller doesn’t want that nearby?

3) Kirinzan “Classic” Futsushu
KJ added this brew to the Top Ten, because who doesn’t want a value sake that is smooth, clean, tasty and affordable. Hell, get the 1.8L bottle (magnum style) for $51! This Niigata brew will smooth out your grilling evening with a gentle and round feeling of awesomeness. This brew will chill your grill!

2) Urakasumi “Misty Bay” Honjozo Genshu
Every grilling adventure needs a little gold foil wrapping and this sake is the gold bomb! Talk about a big and powerful sake with layers and layers of ricey and rich flavors. Dare we say this is a masculine brew that stands up to whatever is walking off those grilling tongs. This is the brew that will say your meat has met its match!

Top Ten May 2017 D

1) Kamoizumi Shusen “Three Dots” Junmai Ginjo
Take it from the Bar-B-Q experts at Memphis Minnie’s in the lower Haight. They serve Three Dots with their grilled fare. If it’s good enough for the best ribs joint in SF then it’s good enough for us! This sake rocks the Bar-B-Q house party like no other!

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