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True Moments – March Is The Unofficial Official Nama Month

Yes indeed it is true! Well at least I think it’s true. It’s sort of true. It almost has to be true. Actually it’s 84% true. March is the Official Month of Nama Sake. I know what you are asking, “Is it really officially recognized in Japan as so?” As far as you know! In any case welcome to March or should we say Nama Month.

Why would March be Nama month? Well, in a word transportation. It used to take about a 4 weeks for sake to be container shipped from Yokohama to let’s say Oakland. So, if a brewery ferments and brews all January and then releases their unpasteurized babies in early February then the time at sea would put these raw sakes on these shores in early March. And voila! March became Nama month!

As a retailer for over 14 years we have learned to predict when the majority of our nama offerings would be available to our customers. And a lot of namas tend to arrive in March. Are you seeing things more clearly now? Good! Because the store is loaded with freshly made sake that is calling out to all of you unpasteurized sake drinkers. Add to that the fact that we have a lot of year-round namas, and this makes Nama month all the more special. We have new offerings, we have returning favorite flights, we have brews from new importers, and we are seeing older importers flesh out their nama segments. It’s Sakes Gone Wild!

Shipping Nama sake is a problem as you can probably tell. We lose control of our babies and that is not a good thing, and something that we try to avoid. Mei does a great job ‘splaining the terms for our nama shipments, so give us a call if you are interested, but please know that we must protect ourselves by protecting the sakes. If you assume the risk, you will receive the reward. So enjoy March Nama Month and come check out our selection of over 20 unpasteurized brews!

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