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“Ask Beau”– Suggestions For Bettering Our Website?

Let’s turn the tables! I’ll ask YOU a question!

Our next goal for bettering the True Sake product is to better our website! It’s old. It’s tired. It’s a relic actually and is still in the framework that we created over 15 years ago. It’s been a good part of True Sake for the longest time and I feel like looking down at it like the Farmer in the movie “Babe” and saying, “That will do pig!”

So we intend to focus on we do best! We want to streamline the site to make it a better online place to buy sake. Period. I no longer want to be an educational site. There is so much education out there. I no longer want to be an Introduction To Sake site, because there are many places to find that experience. I don’t want to be a calling card for the store, because we are known.

I want to create the cleanest and most user friendly site dedicated to what we do best – sell sake. Heck, we don’t open bottles in the store for people to taste sake, so we have had to sell like animals to get where we are today. We have created the ability to really get people into a bottle of sake using our words both said and written. I’d like to capture that match making moment and have it online. Granted I am still a fan of style and design, but I am willing to listen to the market if they want that in a website dedicated to selling sake to a limited amount of states.

Ask Beau A

So this is where we get to ask YOU what you would want in a site “upgrade” “refresh” “reboot”? What features work for you? What tools do you like to use? Is a pop up Chat Desk useful? Are photos important? Do we tie the Newsletter into the site? Or start a blog? Do you like a customer review section? Do you like each sake to be reviewed or commented on by a peer?

We are still a Mom and Pop shop, but Mom and Pop are pretty cool so our site should reflect that right? I personally like incorporating Instagram, but do you? Let us know if have any suggestions? Let us know if you have a perfect candidate to help us with this upgrade? We are your ball of clay – help shape the next 15 years of True Sake!

Send thoughts and suggestions to

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