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“Ask Beau” – “Who were those two ladies with you at Sake Day”

Ask Beau A

That’s a very good question and one that I am very proud to answer. Those two ladies, who were around me and helping the True Sake Team were my daughters Riley and Gussy. Never in a million years when I started Sake Day did I imagine that one day my kids would come and work this wonderful event. I take tremendous pride in sake and my accomplishments in the history of the industry, but nothing compares to when I get to introduce my girls to all of the wonderful guests, vendors, and volunteers of Sake Day. Now that is pride!


This was Riley’s second Sake Day, but it was the first chance for Gussy to witness first hand the magic that we have created. It was eye opening for her, and gave here a little glimpse into all that I and we have put into the sake industry. I know that they didn’t meet all 650 people, but hopefully we will see them all next year. Sadly, Riley will probably be at college, but Gussy can do her share if she is still interested in this gig for Sake Day’19 The 14Th Annual Sake Celebration.


P.S. Both girls recommend buying tickets early, because they saw up close how many people that we had to turn away!


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