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Beau-Zone Layer - Katafune “Lagoon Boat”

Beau Zone March 2018 A

Katafune Junmai Genshu
From Niigata Prefecture. Junmai Genshu.
SMV: -4 Acidity: 1.5

In our crazy rush to taste sake, we sometimes forget to feel sake! In many of my reviews I will say that this is “one of those mouth feel” sakes that people should try. Why? Because feeling sake is as much fun as tasting sake. I mean that! I like slow viscous brews that take their sweet ol’ time gushing through my palate. I like slow movement and chewiness. I like being able to have a sake that sits great in my mouth! So say hello to a mouth feeling champion sake! This katafune is a plump and round sake that owns your mouth from the tip taste to the coating finish down your throat. It is a world-class sake that has body and more body, and even a little more body! You will notice the SMV and the Acidity are both pretty plump numbers, so this should tell you that this sake is different! Add to the fact that it is a genshu and it totally becomes a light bulb sake for every sake drinker that wants to explore a “feeling” sake. If you want to feel your sake as much as you taste it then this sake is for you!

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