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Beau-Zone Layer – Otokoyama “Kita no Inaho”

Beau Zone July 2018 A

Otokoyama “Kita no Inaho”
From Hokkaido Prefecture. Daiginjo.
SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.2

You know the brewery but you don’t know this brew! Nobody does as it is exclusive to True Sake and is a calling card for Sake Day 2018! You’ve bought your tickets already right? The owner of Otokoyama is coming to Sake Day as a special guest and he will pour this amazingly flavorful Daiginjo! But why wait? Try this 150th Anniversary of Hokkaido sake now. This brew is a celebration sake of sorts, but once in your palate you will notice the celebration immediately. Clean, round, and instant impact this velvety soft sake just explodes in your mouth layers and layers of ripe pear, mango, and apple flavors. I like to refer to sakes such as these as flavor bombs! But sometimes a bomb can be too much, not this impeccable Daiginjo from a brewery known for making dry sakes. Otokoyama means “Man’s Mountain,” but this brew is “Everybody’s Mountain” of flavor and feeling. It is a world-class sake that folks will die to try in September, but you don’t have to wait!

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