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June-My-Glass 🍶🍷🍶🍷🍶🍷

Welcome to the 166th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this very summery issue we go very Junmai, so take a look at the new Junmai Glass by Riedel, go swimming with a new line up of sakes fresh to the US, get your early bird tickets for Sake Day before they sell out, check out the Top Ten List for Junmai sakes worthy of the new Junmai Glass, go digging in the True Sake Archives with KJ, learn what are some new sakes on the shelves in the New Store Arrivals section, get your Dance of the Demon on for a generational Yamahai Junmai from Ishikawa, and learn how I overcame my fear of Umami in the Ask Beau section.

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In this issue:

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