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Sake Archives February 2018 A

Hello my fellow Sake Brethren,

First things first. What the HECK is going on with our weather? Okay, sure... we all know about global warming and it's imminent dangers. But that's not the point. And that's not what this article is about. What I'm talking about is how I am FREEZING in San Francisco this week! I just came back from a warm, tropical vacation... Ahhh. To keep my mind in that happy place of palm trees and balmy breezes, I hearken back to memories of sake pairing with oysters.. suggested by top leaders in the sake biz!

Sake Pairings - Sake and Oysters Oh My! (October 2013)

Now to cure the ills of this bone chilling environment I am forced to endure. Here are some awesome articles about how to warm sake, what styles are most suited for warming and the reasons why it's such a historic & tasty way to drink nihonshu!
Sake Archives February 2018 B
WARM SAKE - Cold Nights (February 2005)

Recapping the "Winter Sake Tasting" (January 2006)

Ask Beau - "I keep forgetting to warm my sakes because I enjoy them chilled. Why should I warm sake?" (December 2011)

Thank you for reading the archives! Stay warm and drink sake!
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