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Sake Brewers – Sequoia Sake Introduces New Sake Club

The other day I had a very good sake friend from Sweden in town for a visit. He knows sake very well, and I wanted to show him one of our local efforts that I am very proud of. He’s been to well over 50 sake breweries in Japan, but he has seen few operations outside of Japan. So I called up Jake and Noriko from Sequoia Sake and asked for a quick tour if possible. Jake was in LA doing the sake Lord’s work, but his awesome wife Noriko gave us a great tour and tasting. I’ll write more about this later, because it is so damn impressive, but I learned that they are starting a Sake Club and I said that I would gladly pass this news to you great readers.

Sequoia Sake club has arrived!
Here are the details.
One-year Membership includes;

  • Two shipments per year - May and November (3 bottles per shipment, including priority access to member-only and limited production sakes)
  • Free tasting up to 4 guests, including a member, on every visit to the brewery 
  • 10% off on all purchases on the online shop and at our brewery

Sake Brewers – Sequoia Sake Introduces New Sake Club A


  • $30 will be charged as shipping fee for two shipments, which will be refunded if you pick it up at the brewery. 
  • No Auto-renewal. This is one-year only membership with an option to extend for another year before it expires.

If you haven’t visited their Kura I highly recommend it! They are both very sharp people and their sake intelligence is very much front and center in the layout of their operation. It’s a fantastic way to get closer to sake.

Also, Jake is very instrumental in helping me with the craft sake makers who attend Sake Day. And Sequoia Sake always has a killer presence at Sake Day! So if you can’t get to the kura then get to their table at Sake Day, by visiting


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