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Sake Holidays – Team True Sake Has Some Gifting Recommendations

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Hanukkah! You are overwhelmed! Admit it! Drop down into the fetal position ball on the ground and quiver until it all goes away! No! Don’t do that! Why? You have an army of sake elves at True Sake who are standing by and ready to assist your holiday gift giving needs. So relax! And take a look at these recommendations that should work wonders. And remember sake DOES work wonders! It’s the best gift going! And don’t forget all of the potential stocking stuffers (Cup sake) and small cans that make a big impact! Herewith are the selections to help your Christmas be merrier and easier:

Alex Elf – Otokoyama “Man’s Mountain” Junmai Daiginjo 
“This bad boy is juicy, velvety, round, and smooth. Kiwi, cherry, and apricot notes that can pair well with seafood or steak!” 


Mei Elf – Chiyomusubi “Sorah” Sparkling Sake 
“Are you looking for a dry, high-end sparkling sake to celebrate the holiday and New Year’s with? Move over Champagne! This sparkling sake is what you NEED! Limited supply so grab yours before it’s out of stock!" 

Sake Holidays – Team True Sake Has Some Gifting Recommendations B

Mei Elf – Otokoyama “Kitanoinaho” Daiginjo 
“This Daiginjo is on my gifting list this year! A sake everyone can enjoy. Don’t be surprised when the bottle is emptied after opening!” 


KJ Elf – Kikuhime Kurogin 
"This newly released 3yr aged Daiginjo is one of a kind. Contrasting flavors of crème fraîche and cocoa combine effortlessly while this brew exudes notes of rock candy, hazelnut, arabica coffee and vanilla bean. There is no better beverage for the holiday season and this heavenly sake is worth every penny!" 


Hiromi Elf – Asahi Shuzo (Kubota) “Tokugetsu” Junmai Daiginjo 
“This sake is seasonally released only once a year. 28% semaibuai (milling rate removing 72% of each grain of rice). Clean and elegant. You will enjoy to feel calm with this.” 

Sake Holidays – Team True Sake Has Some Gifting Recommendations C

Shin Elf – Umenishiki “Gorgeous Plum” Junmai Daiginjo Cup 
“A stocking stuffer adults can look forward to! This Daiginjo Cup is superb for its full-bodied and textural experience for those that know or will know what they like. Once you get hooked, upgrade to the 720ml bottle to share with friends, or be naughty and drink it yourself by the fireplace.” 


Beau Elf – Tatsuriki Kome no Sasayaki “Whisper of Rice” Daiginjo 
“Ho Ho and away we go to the best sake gift in the store! Why pick this amazing Daiginjo sake? Well, let’s overlook the fact that it is in a green velvet box! Yes, I said velvet! Then let’s overlook the fact that this premium sake drinks very velvety with amazingly lush fruit tones. Let’s simply focus on the elegance of this sake from first sip to last! It is liquid elegance and would do any gift recipient proud! This sake IS Christmas in a bottle!" 


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