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Top Ten List – 10 Sakes That Are Great For Cherry Blossom Season

Take a look around! Spring is in bloom. In Japan, it’s the season for cherry blossom “viewing” or Hanami. Here in the US, the abundant rains have given us some blooms, some snow, and some floral explosions that look like snow. Whatever the occasion, these ten sakes will make you feel like getting in touch with the beautiful things in whatever form that takes.

10) Denshin Haru “Spring” 2018

  • Starting with a nama bang! This brew is all things flower including the little hidden flower sticker under the cap tape. Just a super tasty nama that drinks light and fun like a blossom falling.

9) Tsukasabotan “Hana”

  • This “Pink Peony” drinks like a light and dry dream, and it is perfect for that sake that might go to room temperature in the sun and fun of cherry blossom watching.

Top Ten List – 10 Sakes That Are Great For Cherry Blossom Season A

8) Ohyama “Fu-In”

  • If you have never tried this sake then this is the season. Talk about a juicy and fresh tasting sake that fills the palate. Really a great Junmai Ginjo that is floral and really flavorful.

7) Amabuki “Marigold Cup”

  • Sometimes all you need is a nice “Cup” of sake while watching the blossoms fall like snow in a poetic pitter-patter. Why not try the newest cups in the store, especially this brew that uses a flower yeast? Very appropriate.

6) Kikusui “Chrysanthemum Water”

  • One of the best recognized sakes in the sake world – and for good reason! This sake is all things flower petals in river water. Light, dry, with a hint of citrus tones this Niigata brew is as lovely in the bottle as it is in your palate.

5) Hakkaisan “Sparkling Sake”

  • As flower petals fall bubbles raise in your glass with sparkling sake from Niigata Prefecture. This brew is a festival in your glass and it really captures the moment of cherry blossom viewing. 

Top Ten List – 10 Sakes That Are Great For Cherry Blossom Season B

4) Ichinokura “Himezen”

  • First of all the bottle is lovely and captures the spirit so nicely. Secondly this is a sake made for a picnic as it is a lower alcohol and slightly fruity sake that speaks to those who like easy flavors. It’s not called “Princess Food” because it’s boozy and hot!

3) Stella “Shizuku”

  • This fabulously flavored sake is made by a drip or trickle process called shizuku! The result? An amazingly layered and exciting sake that wakes the senses and makes the drinker in tune with all things balanced.

2) Kotsuzumi “Bloom on the Path”

  • The bottle is reason enough to take this superb sake on a spring flower escapade. “Rojo” is all about flavor, feeling, and balance. It is one of those sakes that speaks without talking or sees blossoms without walking.

1) Dewazakura “Oka”

  • Always my winner! “Cherry Bouquet” is a sake meant to visit things that are beautiful. Great sake meets great times. Light, dry and floral which is perfect for a picnic.
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