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True Update: Fall & Winter News For True Sake

As fall continues its march into winter, we wanted to give you an update about some new things in the mix at the store.  It’s a very busy and exciting time of the year and we want you to get a jump on your holiday preparation.


True Update: Fall & Winter News For True Sake A

New Carpet!

We just finished a little upgrade in the appearance of the store. In case you didn't notice, we were closed for two days to put in new seagrass carpeting. It’s not the best choice for durability, but we love the look and feel of this style. And if you are keeping track, this is the third install of the same carpet. Every five years or so it’s clockwork for new flooring. I consider this a success for two reasons. One we are still in business and two we get enough customers to destroy the carpet. Lastly, we super cleaned the store, but it probably won’t be noticed with all of the smoke in the city.  

New Look!


True Update: Fall & Winter News For True Sake B


We’ve moved some “stations” in the store, and will be adding a new “tower.” Our very popular “Cup Station” is now closer to the door to make your shoplifting experience all the more convenient! Also, we have moved the “Daiginjo Tower” closer to the counter to entice all of you amazing customers to load up on expensive sake as you wait in our short lines! We’ve removed the TV monitor that has been showing the sake making process over and over and over again. We might get a digital picture frame to highlight some of our world famous Instagram pictures. Also the Beau-Zone Layer has moved! See if you can find it, and do we really need it? I did this to specialize a little area in my habitual absence. Is it worth it? Have you ever purchased a Beau Zone sake?

New Yamahai/Kimoto Station!


True Update: Fall & Winter News For True Sake C


With the recent movement and the popularity of this segment of sake, we have decided to expand and upgrade our Yamahai and Kimoto offerings. So when you see this station, think Yamahai “High” and Kimoto “Low” and then enjoy our consolidating effort to get these brews in one spot!


Turkey Sighting!

They are back! When you look around the store you will see some turkeys hanging around certain sakes at the store. It’s a fun visual reminder for you to incorporate sake into your holiday meals. The Team put their heads together and picked ten sakes (See this month’s Top Ten List) that will make Thanksgiving and Holiday meals even better. Gobble these brews up!

True Update: Fall & Winter News For True Sake D


Hayes Valley Block Party!


It’s that time of year to get your Holiday vibe buzzing! On Friday, December 7th from 4-8PM, we will be selling warm sake that is legal to drink on the sidewalks during the party and giving out donuts to our favorite customers. It’s usually a fun event and a good kick off to the Holiday Season.

Get A Jump On Holiday Shopping!

We don’t need to tell you that the holidays should be called the Hell-odays! But we do need to remind you to gift sake! Not kidding! It’s a slam-dunk present, and we want to plant the seed now. True Sake carries a vast array of amazingly packaged Junmai Daiginjo for the big recipients. We also have a large collection of Cup sakes for all of those little stocking stuffers. We have blue bottled sakes, as well as green and red... hint hint. We carry sparkling sake that makes a great end of the year celebration gift and we have aged sake for your cigar-smoking pals. This is your first reminder to start ticking off your Holiday Gift Giving List with sake sake sake!


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