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Sake Challenge – The Power 5 Omachi Sakes

Sake Challenge – The Power 5 Omachi Sakes

Want to play a sake game? Want to learn a thing or two? Then welcome to the new hit TV show called the POWER 5! In this episode we look at 5 different sakes using the very flavorful Omachi rice varietal! Can you taste some similarities? Are there common components in all 5 brews? Can you pull a theme? And lastly can you define Omachi sake? Good luck and happy tasting! We love our Omachi brews and you will too! And thanks for playing Power 5!

Top 10 List A

1) Kouroshi “Black Bull” - Full-bodied and rich this Bull drinks very confidently! It is robust and round and great for food pairings, but it also is a perfect drinking alone sake!

2) Dewazakura “Jewel Brocade” - Smooth, rich, and lush this Jewel drinks with great impact. It is a flavorful sake that has tremendous balance and drinkability.

3) Amabuki “Rhododendron” - Soft, smooth, rich and layered this Omachi sake is made with a flower yeast. It is both expressive and complex and appeals to those looking for a mystery in their glass.

4) Takachiyo 59 Hanafubuki "Chapter Four" - Juicy, bright, and crisp this Omachi brew drinks lively with a frisky twist. The Omachi factor is a fun richness that is more lively than firm.

5) Rihaku “Origin of Purity” - Smooth, chewy, and round this Omachi sake drinks with spastic complexity. It is crazy town and is a wonder to taste and try to figure out! Super flavorful and super fun!


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