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Sake Shivers! ❄⛄

Welcome to the 174th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this frigid February issue try to stay warm and read about sake breweries that change their labels, get ready for Nama Season as the first spring brews are arriving, learn which sakes are great for pairing with leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate, check out the archives with KJ, go Beau-Zoning with Bo the cross-over wine sake, feast on the New Store Arrivals featuring three amazing Yamahais and one old familiar Junmai, and find out if there is a trend to drinking sake “on the rocks.”

!!Attention!! Just in case you missed the announcement, we can now ship to many of your states. We are partnering with a third party shipper who can send you your sake! 
The states we cannot ship to are ND, NH, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY, SD. 
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In this issue:


Consider this... 


These cold months are perfect for hot tubbing! And if one is so inclined they may want to bring sake into the steamy picture. Yes, sake and onsen or hot baths have a long history together, so it does work! But the best way to enjoy sake in the tub or hot bath is to serve warm or hot sake. And yes, this makes you warmer even faster, but cold sakeactually works against you in a hot bath. Warm with warm is the best way to go!


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