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The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Tonoike (Bo:) Junmai Ginjo

The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Tonoike (Bo:) Junmai Ginjo

Beau Zone A

The Beau-Zone Layer – Tonoike (Bo:)” 
From Tochigi Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo 
SMV: NA Acidity: NA


Hey wine lovers listen up! There is a new movement within the sake world to make wine-like sakes that have high acidity and bright characteristics that are different and more “nouveau” than sake of old. It’s actually quite fun and flavorful, and the “movement” has been on fire in the industry. The “Bo” brand of Tonoike Shuzo is specifically within this realm. Shigeki Tonoike the President of Tonoike said he is having a lot of fun producing this line of sake to “reach new heights.” I asked him what the specific SMV and Acidity numbers were for the Bo line of sakes, and he smiled and said, “We are not telling!” Why? “Because we want people to enjoy these sake without thinking too much about the details.” For me it’s all about the mouth feel and flavor. And this Bo Junmai Ginjo is fresh and frisky and is a great crossover brew that says hello to wine drinkers. Think bright elegance and go grab a wine glass.


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