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The “Beau Zone Layer” - Fukuju “Happy Brewery”

The “Beau Zone Layer” - Fukuju “Happy Brewery”

From Hyogo Prefecture

Junmai Ginjo

SMV: +2 Acidity:1.4

In times like these, who doesn’t deserve a little happiness? I for one know that you do! So do something about it. Jump into this wonderful sake from the capital of sake making in Japan. Fukuju Junmai Ginjo is called the Happy Brewery, because it is a happy place. They have consistently made award-winning sake that speaks to those who like the fruity side of sake. Fruity? Do you mean infused? Heck no! Yes, it is mind boggling true that sake, which is only made of rice and water can actually taste fruity. No way? Way! And don’t confuse fruity with sweet. Some brews are very fruity and sweet as well, but many are fruity but not that sweet and that is why sake is awesome. Don’t be afraid of fruity sake! Even if you are saying to yourself I don’t like sweet wines. It’s not the same. So give Fukuju a try and find your happy place!  

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